Everywhere Rewards Information

  • Cardholders earn one point for every dollar they spend on Preferred Cards
  • Cardholders earn 1% cash back on Payback Cards and may request a check once they accumulate $50
  • Customers access Everywhere Rewards through Online Banking

Preferred (Points) Program

Reward Point Earning Rules Regular Program
Point Earnings $1 spend = 1 point
Point Expiration 3 years
Point Earnings Cap No Cap
Merchandise and Travel Redemption Options Minimum Reward Value Point Value
Merchandise Rewards $50.00 $0.0080
Variable Air Point Pricing
Cardholder pays $27 ticketing fee
N/A $0.0100
$100 Travel Credit 13,750 Points $0.0083
Gift Card Redemption Options Reward Value Point Cost
Gift Cards $50.00 6,500
$100.00 12,500

Payback (Cash Back) Program

Cash Back Earning Rules Details
Cash Back Earning 1 spend = $0.01 earning
Cash Back Expiration 3 years
Cash Back Earnings Cap No Cap
Minimum Cash Back Redemption $55
Redemption Increments $5 increments ($50, $55, $60, etc.)
Redemption Process Check sent to cardholder