Debit Cards

Don’t forget your FirstBank Debit Card!  Whether taking a great vacation with your family or purchasing groceries for the week, you can access your personal banking account anywhere the Visa™ logo is displayed.

Credit Cards

FirstBank offers a variety of consumer and business credit cards with no annual fee, competitive rates and the availability of Everywhere Rewards with it’s new Platinum Series Credit Card Program.  To find out how this program can benefit you click here.

To apply, simply fill out and return our Consumer Platinum Credit Card Application.

  • Mail to Card Assets LLC, P.O. Box 723847, Atlanta, Georgia  31139-0847
  • Fax to 770-805-2173
  • Scan to creditcardapps

For Assistance:

  • Call us at (800) 854-7642.

Everywhere Rewards

Use your credit card for all everyday purchases and earn points or cashback!  From groceries to fuel to utility bills -your purchases will really pay off!

  • Preferred card:  $1.00 spent = 1 point
  • Payback card:  $1.00 spent = 1% cashback

Get more information about Everywhere Rewards.