Online & Mobile Banking

FirstBank offers online banking to manage accounts as well as a unique feature called Popmoney®.

Popmoney® is the new way to “Pay Other People” (POP) directly from your FirstBank account.  It allows you to send money to or receive money from anyone you know in as little as one business day.

Use Popmoney® to:

  • Send money to your child at college
  • Send the gift of money to anyone
  • Pay back friends when you split the bill
  • Pay rent to your landlord or roommates

To use Popmoney® you need:

  • A FirstBank account with Online Banking and BillPay,
  • Email address or mobile phone number of the recipient. (The e-mail address or mobile number is used to notify a recipient of the payment and how to claim the money. The money is sent directly from your payment account to their account.)

It’s FREE to sign up and there is no fee to receive money.  Sender fees and limits apply.  To find out more, log into online banking then click the BillPay tab. Popmoney® is within the BillPay section.

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