Bill Pay

Our Bill Pay service comes FREE with your Online Banking account and provides two services in one.  It’s an easy to use, hassle-free method for paying and receiving bills online.  Payments are conveniently made from a FirstBank account of your choice.

With Bill Pay you can:

  • Pay all bills, anytime, anywhere in the United States**
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Schedule payments up to one year in advance
  • Track payments online – No more “check is in the mail” worries
  • Money and time savings – No more stamps and checkbook balancing
  • Transfer money electronically between your checking and money market accounts, even those at different financial institutions
  • Rely on a proven, secure solution
  • Enjoy the freedom of FREE Personal Online Banking
  • ** The only payments you cannot make through your bill payment service are court-ordered payments, state and federal tax payments, and international payments.
  • Please note you must be an active online banking account holder to enroll for Bill Pay!