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At FirstBank, we understand the important role life insurance can play in implementing a sound financial plan. You may already have a “Plan A” in place to cover such financial goals as saving for retirement, college funding and tax strategies. We can also work with you to create a “Plan B” or back-up plan that provides for the “what-ifs?” that can disrupt even a solid plan. What if something were to happen to you? What if you were no longer in the picture or able to work? Could your family or business still meet its financial needs?

An advisor from FirstBank can help you determine the best coverage for you based on your current situation, your goals and your current tax status. As part of this process we can work through a basic life insurance needs analysis to help you determine how much insurance is the right amount and type for you. We can also review your current coverage and determine with you how it fits with your overall plan.

The goals for your “Plan B” could be to provide protection for your family during your peak earning years, to prepare for the succession of your business, or to create a legacy for the next generation and beyond. These are just some of the situations where life insurance can be useful. Whatever your financial goals are and wherever you are toward reaching those goals, life insurance should be considered when creating your “Plan B.” We will work with you to create a plan that is as unique as you and work toward ensuring you have enough coverage so that your “Plan A” can remain intact and continue to provide for the long-term financial needs and goals of your family.

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